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Pinasco ITR 2018

3^ Italian Ten Race Pinasco Saturday 23-06-2018 at the International Circuit of Castelletto di Branduzzo
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Prodotti Pinasco


Cylinder Kit Vespa GS160/SS180-225cc

Aluminium Cylinder Kit 225cc Nikasil coated, based on the cylinder kit for Vespa PX 200, it’s the kit which Vespa GS160 and SS180 fans wanted. Perfectly interchangeable with the original one, it’s supplied with aluminium intake manifold, CNC worked, and reed valve pack. The intake manifold allows to fit the original carburator or SI model up to 28mm, torque and maximum power will significantly improve.

The cylinder kit is easily replaceable to the original one and it doesn’t require any modification to the other original parts, except the larger exhaust pipe which needs the modification of original muffler manifold  or the replacement with a performant Pinasco Touring for Vespa PX 200 item 25560824.



Product Name: Cylinder Kit Vespa GS160/SS180-225cc

Item: 26031907

Suitability: Vespa GS160, Vespa SS180





Vespa Small Engine Casing

Made by die-casting, Pinasco engine casings for Vespa Small Frame are available in 2 versions, (awaiting double port intake model): Slave Naked with reed valve closing plate for "Cylinder intake Lovers" and Slave 8X with reed valve pack 8 reeds PINASCO 8X. Both models use a bigger crankshaft Ø 88mm, a roller cage and oil seal on gear selector, bigger bearings, supports on critical points and, for the first time on Vespa Engine Casing, the PINASCO REMOVABLE GEAR SYSTEM.

The Pinasco engine casings for Vespa Small Frame allow to fit all available Vespa racing cylinder kits and exhausts on the market without substantial modifications.

Product Name:

Vespa Small Engine Casing


26482027 Engine Casing Slave Naked

26482030 Engine Casing Slave 8X

Suitability: Vespa Small Frame





Cylinder Kit Vespa 180 Rally 215cc

Pinasco expands the range of cylinder kits with the 215cc for Vespa 180 Rally. The cylinder kit is similar to the classic 215cc but with appropriate changes which increases the performance.
The cylinder kit is easily replaceable to the original one and it doesn't require any modification to the other original parts, except the larger exhaust pipe which needs the replacement with PX 200 original muffler or the modification of original muffler manifold.
The new Pinasco cylinder kit for Vespa Rally 180 gives excellent performance and unique driving feeling.

 Product Name: Cylinder Kit Vespa 180 Rally 215cc

Item: 26031906

Suitability: Vespa 180 Rally





Cylinder Kits 9 Ports Vespa PX 215cc / 225cc

New alloy cylinder kits 9 ports 215cc & 225cc for Vespa PX 200, Nikasil coated, totally renewed from previous models. The new release is available in 4 models, Master with classic intake 57mm and 60mm stroke, Slave with reed valve intake from cylinder, 57mm and 60mm stroke. New port distribution, bigger exhaust port and a new lighter piston are the main features, the 957VTR version is the best tuning solution for the 200 original engine without any modification to the engine casing.

The model 960VTR won the Vespa Large Frame category in Scootentole 10H 2016 in Magny-Cours, France, and Springrace 12H 2017, Austria.

Product Name: Cylinder Kit 9 Ports for Vespa PX 215cc / 225cc


26031902 Cylinder Kit 957 RR MASTER

26031903 Cylinder Kit 957 VTR SLAVE

26032902 Cylinder Kit 960 RR MASTER

26032903 Cylinder Kit 960 VTR SLAVE

Suitability: Vespa PX 200





Pinasco Carburetor SI-28 ER Ø 28

Product Name: Pinasco Carburetor SI-28 ER Ø 28

Item: 26295020

Suitability: Vespa Large Frame

Description: The Pinasco Carburetor SI-28 ER has a 28mm Venturi, a gasoline bowl 5mm higher than classic ones to avoid fast emptying of fuel and bigger gasoline channels to allow the maximum flow of mixture. The Pinasco Carburetor SI-28 ER Ø 28mm isn’t available in MIX version.





Pinza Freno Radiale Vespa PK / PX a 4 pistoncini

Radial Brake Caliper Vespa PK / PX with 4 pots

Nome Prodotto: Pinza Freno Radiale


26280000 BLACK / SILVER

26280001 GOLD / BLACK

Applicazione: Vespa PK / PX con perno da 20mm

Descrizione: le Pinze Freno Radiali Pinasco dispongono di una pinza con 4 pistoncini che aumentano notevolmente la frenata del veicolo. Questo rende la guida più stabile e sicura.


Pinza NERA / Supporto GRIGIO

Pinza ORO / Supporto NERO

Product Name: Radial Brake Caliper


26280000 BLACK / SILVER

26280001 GOLD / BLACK

Suitability: Vespa PK / PX with 20mm pins

Description: the Pinasco Radial Brake Caliper with 4 pots increases the brake power of the vehicle making driving more stable and safe.


BLACK Caliper / SILVER Bracket

GOLD Caliper / BLACK Bracket




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