Wednesday July 18 , 2018


Pinasco ITR 2018

3^ Italian Ten Race Pinasco Saturday 23-06-2018 at the International Circuit of Castelletto di Branduzzo
Admissions open!






Modular Tubeless Rims for Vespa

The Pinasco Light Alloy Modular Tubeless Rims for Vespa are TÜV approved thanks to their safety and quality. Unlike classic modular rims, Pinasco’s ones are Tubeless and, thanks to anti-bead breaker profiles (see image), allow a perfect adherence between tyre and rim, which maintain inflation pressure without the inner tube. With the classic technology, in case of puncture, the wheel deflates quickly causing instability, on the other side, with the Tubeless technology, the wheel deflates slowly and the driver can slow down and stop. The Pinasco Light Alloy Modular Tubeless Rim for Vespa is the only “aftermarket” rim currently certified by TÜV.



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