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Pinasco ITR 2018

3^ Italian Ten Race Pinasco Saturday 23-06-2018 at the International Circuit of Castelletto di Branduzzo
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Prodotti Pinasco


Modular Tubeless Rims for Vespa

The Pinasco Light Alloy Modular Tubeless Rims for Vespa are TÜV approved thanks to their safety and quality. Unlike classic modular rims, Pinasco’s ones are Tubeless and, thanks to anti-bead breaker profiles (see image), allow a perfect adherence between tyre and rim, which maintain inflation pressure without the inner tube. With the classic technology, in case of puncture, the wheel deflates quickly causing instability, on the other side, with the Tubeless technology, the wheel deflates slowly and the driver can slow down and stop. The Pinasco Light Alloy Modular Tubeless Rim for Vespa is the only “aftermarket” rim currently certified by TÜV.




The World of Wideframe

Pinasco has developed a specific line of products for Vespa Farobasso and 5% to allow the owners of these models to “modernize” the old and beloved “Grandmothers”. Pinasco Wideframe line includes the well-known Flytech Ignition, the new ”Nordkapp” 5 ports, 160cc alloy cylinder kit, Nikasil coated, a specific 24mm intake manifold, a 57mm stroke crankshaft, a complete and reinforced clutch with 6 springs and a four speed gearbox with cluster, gear tree plus different specific gears Z22-23-24/65. A  more powerful engine needs the Pinasco brake drum “HighBrake” for all Vespa with 8” wheels to get a strong braking in every condition.

26361001 Cylinder Kit Nordkapp + Crankshaft (fits from 1953 to 1959)

26270932 Complete 4 Speed Gearbox (fits from 1955 to 1959)

26530959 24mm Intake Manifold (fits on Pinasco Cylinder only)

25441009 Rear Shock Absorber Vespa Farobasso

25090504 Power Clutch (fits from 1953 to 1959)

25270934 Primary Drive Kit Z23/65 (fits from 1953 to 1959)

26280200 Brake Drum Highbrake (fits on all Vespas with 8" wheels)






Radial Brake Caliper Vespa PK / PX with 4 pots

Product Name: Radial Brake Caliper


26280000 BLACK / SILVER

26280001 GOLD / BLACK

Suitability: Vespa PK / PX with 20mm pins

Description: the Pinasco Radial Brake Caliper with 4 pots increases the brake power of the vehicle making driving more stable and safe.


BLACK Caliper / SILVER Bracket

GOLD Caliper / BLACK Bracket





Pinasco Racing Bull Clutch



The Pinasco Racing Bull Clutch for Vespa Large frame is made up of a 12 springs high-strength steel bell and a full grafting system.

This clutch unit has been designed to increase the power transmitted by the crankshaft to the gear set and has been tested up to 38CV of transmitted power.

The swallowtail bushing / bell system avoids dragging discs even under toughest working conditions. The Pinasco Racing Bull Clutch comes with 2 different types of springs with different hardness to set the product according to your requirements.

The Pinasco Racing Bull Clutch comes with a bushing and a brass spacer.

Product Name: Pinasco Bull Clutch


26090550: Bull Clutch

Spare Part Items:

26090850: Silver springs set 51N
(fits also on classic bell with 8 springs)

26090851: Gold springs set 62N
(fits also on classic bell with 8 springs)

26090662: Spare clutch discs

Suitability: Vespa Large Frame





Pinasco Carburetor SI-28 ER Ø 28

Product Name: Pinasco Carburetor SI-28 ER Ø 28

Item: 26295020

Suitability: Vespa Large Frame

Description: The Pinasco Carburetor SI-28 ER has a 28mm Venturi, a gasoline bowl 5mm higher than classic ones to avoid fast emptying of fuel and bigger gasoline channels to allow the maximum flow of mixture. The Pinasco Carburetor SI-28 ER Ø 28mm isn’t available in MIX version.





Cylinder Kits 9 Ports Vespa PX 215cc / 225cc

New alloy cylinder kits 9 ports 215cc & 225cc for Vespa PX 200, Nikasil coated, totally renewed from previous models. The new release is available in 4 models, Master with classic intake 57mm and 60mm stroke, Slave with reed valve intake from cylinder, 57mm and 60mm stroke. New port distribution, bigger exhaust port and a new lighter piston are the main features, the 957VTR version is the best tuning solution for the 200 original engine without any modification to the engine casing.

The model 960VTR won the Vespa Large Frame category in Scootentole 10H 2016 in Magny-Cours, France, and Springrace 12H 2017, Austria.

Product Name: Cylinder Kit 9 Ports for Vespa PX 215cc / 225cc


26031902 Cylinder Kit 957 RR MASTER

26031903 Cylinder Kit 957 VTR SLAVE

26032902 Cylinder Kit 960 RR MASTER

26032903 Cylinder Kit 960 VTR SLAVE

Suitability: Vespa PX 200




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