Wednesday September 26 , 2018

1969: For the first time the newspaper "Motociclismo" shows an advertorial of a cylinder kit for scooter. It's a kit with two carburetors for Vespa GT creaded by Andrea Pinasco.

1973: The "Gruppi Pinasco" presents itself for the first time at Motorcycle Exhibition of Milan. From the latest news there was a cylinder kit for Vespa 50 with a diameter of 47 mm.

1980: The "Gruppi Pinasco" increase its production of cylinder kits and reaches a record of 60.000 units per year.

1981:  It's the beginning of some partnership with vehicle manufacturer which ask "Gruppi Pinasco" to improve the performance and reduce pollution of their engines.

1984: The "Vespazzurra", scooter based on Vespa 200 elaborated by Andrea Pinasco with the partnership of a team formed by 10 specialists, wins the 1st place at the Championship in Spain. 

1992: Starts the activity of "Gruppi Pinasco" in the electronics sector.

1999: 30 years after company's foundation Andrea Pinasco gives it to Bettella; the "Gruppi Pinasco" became PINASCO, brand of Bettella group.

Today Pinasco wants to be a point of reference in the elaboration and electronics sector for Scooters, with products born with almost 50 years of experience.

AttenzioneAll Pinasco products are made only for racing use. The use on public roads is strictly forbidden.

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I prodotti Pinasco sono progettati e costruiti per l'impiego agonistico. L'utilizzo su strada pubblica e' vietato.