Wednesday September 26 , 2018


Vespa Small Engine Casing

Made by die-casting, Pinasco engine casings for Vespa Small Frame are available in 2 versions, (awaiting double port intake model): Slave Naked with reed valve closing plate for "Cylinder intake Lovers" and Slave 8X with reed valve pack 8 reeds PINASCO 8X. Both models use a bigger crankshaft Ø 88mm, a roller cage and oil seal on gear selector, bigger bearings, supports on critical points and, for the first time on Vespa Engine Casing, the PINASCO REMOVABLE GEAR SYSTEM.

The Pinasco engine casings for Vespa Small Frame allow to fit all available Vespa racing cylinder kits and exhausts on the market without substantial modifications.

Product Name:

Vespa Small Engine Casing


26482027 Engine Casing Slave Naked

26482030 Engine Casing Slave 8X

Suitability: Vespa Small Frame




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